Read-a-thon – Part 1…

This isn’t going well for me.

I’ve finished a novella I was 60% through, All’s Fair in Love and Scandal. I’ve read 28 pages of The Martian and had to put it down because it took me a hour and I was getting quite irritated. I am the only one who couldn’t get into the damn book. I spent a bit of time reading a paragraph or two back every few pages because my brain involuntarily skimmed what was written.

On another (more productive) note, I had a lovely breakfast at a new to us crepe place with my husband, got an oil change for both of our cars, stopped at Whole Foods for essentials (eggs, guacamole & chips), and waited patiently for the delivery service to put together our new West Elm bed.

I moved on to Only a Kiss. I’m hoping for my usual absorption into this book, it’s in my wheelhouse, ie regency romance, plus it’s the 6th book in a series I’ve read throughout this year. If you haven’t read Mary Balogh, get on it. I really enjoyed her Bedwyn series, most do from what I’ve gathered since I’ve read the series at the end of last year.


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