Monthly Reads

What I Read in October

I read to enjoy and fall into a book completely. I do really love keeping track of what I’ve read. I have an enormous spreadsheet of books.

Unveiled by Courtney Milan – I picked this book up because I’m trying to do an ABC challenge with book titles this year. I would have eventually picked it up though, because Courtney Milan. She’s good. I’m glad I picked it up. All of her books are different from the other historical fiction I read in this time period. I love strong heroines and this book didn’t disappoint.  Started 10/23 Finished 10/30.

The Martian by Andy Weir – This is the first book I read this year that is written by a man. I, like everyone else, enjoyed this book. I wasn’t so sure when I first began the book. I would suggest starting this when you won’t have any distractions. I enjoyed all the elements of this story: the science, humor, human aspect, the people on earth. I feel like it was a perfect mix for me. Started 10/17 Finished 10/23.

Only A Kiss by Mary Balogh – I read this during the read-a-thon. This is the 6th book of the series, you don’t have to read them in order. Though I personally do, it bugs the crap out of me if I don’t.
This series is of 7 people who are dealing with PTSD after the Napoleonic Wars. The 6th book is the story of the only woman in the group. I really like this series, the stories aren’t what you’d normally find. I love a regency set in a ballroom but it’s nice to explore elsewhere every once in a while. Started 10/17 Finished 10/18

All’s Fair In Love and Scandal by Caroline Linden – A widow and a scoundrel novella placed in the middle of the series of 4 books. It’s kinda an odd location in the series, it should be after the first book. That’s just my opinion as not an editor. I like when the heroine isn’t the standard debutant beauty. Started 10/13 Finished 10/17

Love in the Time of Scandal by Caroline Linden – Book 3 in the series was better than I expected it to be. It took me a good bit of time to get into the story. At first I thought this story line was an inbetweener book but I think the 2nd book was it. Now I’m looking forward to the final book in the series, comes out March 2016 I think I have an idea of who Lady  Constance is. Started 9/15 Finished 10/13

On the Way to the Wedding by Julia Quinn – The final book in the Bridgerton series, it wasn’t my favorite of the eight. I did enjoy the series as a whole. It’s one of those serieses that doesn’t have to be read in order. Started 10/2 Finished 10/10


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