Reading Plans

2016 Reading Plans

I don’t have any reading plans for 2016. I just want to read without restrictions. I am going to try to read more diversely, with both main characters and authors.

I don’t want to set a books read goal upon myself. I’ve done that the last few years and I’m curious to see if I’ll read more or less without knowing how far ahead or behind I am.

I want to go further back into the romance genre. I want to read some of the books that are considered must reads and classics.

I’m not going to make restrictions on the sub genre. I’m going to let that be organic.

I want to finish out the series I have started over the last 2 years. Like The Song of Ice & Fire, I’m up to the 5th book.

I also want to make an attempt to read all of Jane Austen’s work throughout the year. It shouldn’t be too hard, there are only 6.

It would also be nice to work my way through a chunk of my Kindle Library, or even my paper library.

Most of all I want to try to review all that I read. Whether it’s a few thoughts or a full on review. I still remember the majority of what I read but I want to be able to have a clearer idea of what I thought.


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