Day 5

I finished listening to Notorious RBG. Her life is so interesting. I think I may be purchasing this soon.

I tired to listen to My Life on the Road, but couldn’t really get into it after a hour & half. So I started listening to Desperate Duchesses (reread/relisten).

In the evening, I finished Secrets of a Summer Night. And immediately bought the second in the series, It Happened One Autumn, it was $7.99… for an e-book. Ugh… for some reason I find that to be expensive especially since I don’t like buying e-books that are more than $1.99.

The series is so good. I have a feeling I may be on the third book by the end of read-a-thon.

today’s pages read: 249pgs
total pages read: 674pgs
# of minutes listened to: 378.35
total minutes listened to: 1,504.38
# of completed audiobooks listened to: 3
# of completed books: 2


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