Day 6 – Plowing Through

I don’t have as much listening time on the weekends as I do during the week. I was able to listen to a hour & half of Desperate Duchesses while doing a bit of cleaning.

I plowed through It Happened One Autumn during the evening. I stayed up quite late, I couldn’t put it down.

My prediction was right. I started reading Devil in Winter this morning. I woke up thinking about it. The angst and drama that has been occurring through out the series is so good. I know I’ll be using up the rest of my amazon giftcards to get the fourth in the series. Which is unfortunate, the using the rest of the giftcards not buying the fourth book. I’ll have to use some of my pin money to get the fifth and probably the novella too.

today’s pages read: 330pgs
total pages read: 1,004pgs
# of minutes listened to: 128.31
total minutes listened to: 1,633.02
# of completed audiobooks listened to: 3
# of completed books: 3

Have you read a book lately that you couldn’t put down? That you started at 6pm and didn’t look at the clock again until 2am when you finished?


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