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Stumbled Upon

This weekend I have the best of intentions to accomplish my long to do list. I also intend to read on my patio and drink a beer. Should be easy, it is one of our cherished few long weekend in the US.

I just started The Official Essex Sister Companion Guide last night. Ideally, I’ll finish that, then move on to another book I have out from the library.

Tuesday, May 31st, Marrying Winterborne comes out, I am very excited. I’m determined not to be in the middle of another book.

I think once I finish The Official Essex Sister Companion Guide I’ll start The Crown. I also have the first 3 books in Jo Beverly Mallorens Series from the library. I think The Crown is the best option, so I’m not tempted to binge through the Mallorens series, and the others in The Selection series have been quick reads.

While I’m doing yard & house work this weekend, I’ll be listening to either Cold-Hearted Rake (the book prior to Marrying Winterborne) or Inferno (my husband just started reading this and I felt the need to reread it).


Here’s some things I’ve stumbled upon recently.

I’ll read anything Sarah MacLean writes. So of course I clicked on What Romance Teaches Us About Heroines.

Smart Bitches put out the call to help Sassy Outwater. It’s been amazing to see the amount donated jump each day.

Jo Beverly died this past week. I haven’t had the pleasure to read any of her work yet, but I do intend on changing that in the coming weeks. Here are a couple of the tributes I’ve read this week, Smart Bitches & Word Wenches.

The Brontes Secret?

Inferno’s trailer is out. I’ll see it of course. Dan Brown is one of those authors I can generally read pretty fast.

Speaking of Dan Brown, did you hear what’s being planed for The Da Vinci Code. I find it irritating that adults think that 13+ teens don’t know about sex or that they can’t understand a book who’s intended audience are adults.

What do you intend to read over this holiday (or non-holiday) weekend?



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