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Preorders For All

I preorder a lot. It’s the only time I can convince myself to pay full price for an ebook. I generally don’t like paying more than $1.99, unless I’m drunk one-clicking. My preordering got to a point that I started keeping a spreadsheet. There are some books that I immediately ordered when I heard about them. Others… Continue reading Preorders For All

Monthly Reads

A June Wrap-Up

Yeah… I intended to do this list at the end of June. But of course, time got away from me. I considered turning this into an end of summer wrap-up. But decided that was a bit weird for me. I’m a self-proclaimed overly ambitious list-maker. I don’t seem to understand the limits of time while… Continue reading A June Wrap-Up


Day 7

I went in to the past week without much of a game plan or page goal. I just wanted to get out of my slump and am pretty sure I’m out of it. I feel like I’ve read a lot throughout the week. Though I wish I had a bit more. Next time I’m going… Continue reading Day 7


Day 6

today’s pages read: 171 pgs total pages read: 970 pgs # of completed books: 3 # of completed short stories: 6     # of hours listened to: 2 hours 44 minutes  total hours listened to: 50 hours 21 minutes # of completed audiobooks listened to: 3       


Day 3

today’s pages read: 150 pgs total pages read: 541 pgs # of completed books: 2                   # of hours listened to: 9 hours 18 minutes total hours listened to: 29 hours 34 minutes # of completed audiobooks listened to: 2     Challenge: Show Off Your Shelves Photo