Wrap Up

September Wrap Up

Loving: QuakeFeed App — If you like science and get excited about earthquakes, then this app is for you. Aquaphor Lip Repair — I’m a dry creature. Estee Lauder Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Aging Mask Boost — So so dry. Anything pumpkin spiced — Cheerios, Beer, Creamer, Muffins. Watching: MasterChef — We love this show. This season felt like… Continue reading September Wrap Up

Books · Pre-Orders

Preorders For All

I preorder a lot. It’s the only time I can convince myself to pay full price for an ebook. I generally don’t like paying more than $1.99, unless I’m drunk one-clicking. My preordering got to a point that I started keeping a spreadsheet. There are some books that I immediately ordered when I heard about them. Others… Continue reading Preorders For All

Monthly Reads

A June Wrap-Up

Yeah… I intended to do this list at the end of June. But of course, time got away from me. I considered turning this into an end of summer wrap-up. But decided that was a bit weird for me. I’m a self-proclaimed overly ambitious list-maker. I don’t seem to understand the limits of time while… Continue reading A June Wrap-Up

Rambling Thoughts

Rambling Thoughts on Go Set a Watchman

I’ve been trying to read Go Set a Watchman, but for the life of me I just can’t seem to get into it. I just don’t give a frick about Jean Louise. I know it’s the first draft of To Kill a Mockingbird, I can’t help but compare the two. That may be hurting how… Continue reading Rambling Thoughts on Go Set a Watchman

Stumbled Upon

This Week I Stumbled Upon

Amazon released what they think are the best books of 2015. Barnes & Noble is releasing a nook audiobook app. Sarah Maclean’s picks for the best new romances in November. This awesome kickstarter has 5 days to go. It’s for a romance only bookstore, The Ripped Bodice.  Get Booked podcast released their romance edition. They… Continue reading This Week I Stumbled Upon

Monthly Reads

What I Read in October

I read to enjoy and fall into a book completely. I do really love keeping track of what I’ve read. I have an enormous spreadsheet of books. •Unveiled by Courtney Milan – I picked this book up because I’m trying to do an ABC challenge with book titles this year. I would have eventually picked… Continue reading What I Read in October


Read-a-thon, Part 3

Well I finished a book, Only a Kiss. Just one, and I decided to try The Martian again. I think I had picked The Martian up at the wrong time yesterday, there were a lot of distractions happening. I ended up reading a total of 500 pages. I didn’t make it the full 24 hours.… Continue reading Read-a-thon, Part 3